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12 January 2014 @ 01:28 pm
Winter anime list 2014  
here i go again, when did it become this way, I'm so mad. So my Fall list helped me a lot to remember what day i had to watch everything but this season, I'm watching way too many new ones again. Not just that but there are some from the fall season that are still ongoing so HOW AM I KEEPING UP WITH THIS, IDK. I'm also watching Mobile Suit Gundam like everyday religiously and now i started oofuri season 2. how do i handle this. [green is for ongoing from last season, blue is for on hold]

MONDAY Gundam Build Fighters, Yowamushi Pedal, D-Frag!, Buddy Complex, Witchcraft Works
TUESDAY Hamatora: The Animation
THURSDAY Kill la Kill, Samurai Flamenco, Hoozuki no Reitetsu, Strange+
SATURDAY Log Horizon, Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda
SUNDAY Space Dandy, Nobunaga the Fool, Noragami, Nobunagun, Tonari no Seki-kun

ok so i have a lot of continuing series from last season, gundam build fighters and log horizon have to be my favorites. although i love kill la kill, samurai flamenco is still one that i really love, despite it going to another direction. During the break time, i missed it so much omg. gundam build fighters is so great, i love it so much and i really don't want it to end. log horizon gets interesting every weekend and i also love it a lot. yowamushi pedal is precious and i hope to get more into by reading the manga. there haven't been any races lately so the suspense has died down but i still love seeing all the characters.

so far my favorites from the winter season are nobunagun, buddy complex and noragami. Hamatora is running up close to those other ones but it's only been one episode, so i am not super sure yet. i really loved the animation and all the characters though lol. So many beautiful characters. Noragami is so great though, it makes me laugh, i like the animation flow, the characters and the story. Nobunagun is really cool, i'm loving it so much. I love the main character and the story has lots of potential and it's up my alley with tastes. The characters look great so far and i just love having girls in action ok. The art is pretty cool too, it's funky and invader zim like to me idk i love it a lot. Buddy Complex is really cool, the characters look great and the first episode really caught my attention. also mecah, i don't have to say more, i'm already biased. Space Dandy, i enjoy it despite the main character being a piece of perverted shit but it makes me laugh and i just love anything space themed. It makes me laugh and it's super fun to me. Sekai Seifuku was super cute and I'm loving all the character designs too. The rest I'm enjoying but those are my favorites so far!
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